17 January 2019

Focus Groups underway

Last week the Brentford Football Clubs focus groups commenced to discuss supporter and Club expectations for the new stadium (link to stadium site). On Tuesday (January 8) in The Hive at Griffin Park the discussion was about the Food and Beverage/Catering offerings, and a meeting on Thursday (January 10) followed to discuss the evolution of the Club's ticketing solution.

Summary notes from the meetings can be found here.

Members from BIAS supported the meetings who have detailed the meetings on their own site here.

The Club would like to thank those that attended the first meetings and look forward to the follow up sessions.

“Kick-off” meetings due to take place for other areas are listed below.


18           Heritage and Legacy
19           Inclusion and Diversity
25           Transport
27           Locations and Atmosphere


4             Technology
6             New Stadium Events
11           Farewell GP
13           Family Area

If anyone would like to be part of any future meetings please contact Ryan Murrant at

Minutes from previous fan consultations can be found on the website the latest of which is here. 

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